George Zimmerman Could Be Charged With Federal Hate Crime

by Administrator 14. May 2012 20:06
How do they know this was a 'hate crime'? [More]


Putting the dollar at an even greater risk of hyperflation implosion - JP Morgan 2 billion$ trade losses

by Administrator 14. May 2012 17:10
Some speculate Soros had something to do with the losses incurred by JP. Why would Soros want JP Morgan to fail? He stated a couple years ago that the Dollar should be destroyed and a new currency and financial structure be introduced.

Are the bankers secretly at war with Soros and that whole Marxist framework? What good would it do to have the Dollar destroyed ... the Federal Reserve would lose their control over the Dollar. [More]

Monday May 14 - Daily Active Thread

by Administrator 14. May 2012 12:02
WooHoo! And WELCOME BACK ALL!!  Jesse has us back online and ready to rock and roll.  We know you've been saving up all that good information and angst..........but no more.  Time to kick butt and take names!  We've got work to do so let's hear from you.  Post it, Post it, P... [More]


On May 10th Obama Signed another Executive Order (allows united nations regulations to US cities)

by Administrator 13. May 2012 17:58
This latest executive order will allow the soviet socialists in our local communities through their committees to adopt and enact United Nations regulations designed to establish absolute United Nations’ control over our every resource. [More]

Newsweek Cover: Obama 'First Gay President'

by Administrator 13. May 2012 17:55
  [link to] It won't be nearly as controversial as Time magazine's breastfeeding cover, but Newsweek's May 21 issue declares Barack Obama the country's "first gay president."The accompanying cover story was written by Andrew Sullivan, the popular--and openly gay--political blogg... [More]


Tokyo HAARP Induction Meter showing major activity (the sweet spot 2.5GHz)

by DFX 11. May 2011 17:47
Tokyo HAARP Induction Meter showing major activity (the sweet spot 2.5GHz)To get an overview of what HAARP is, visit this article. Isn't 2.5Hz supposed to be "the sweet spot" that causes earthquakes? I see four distinct frequencies with the average being 2.5Hz!

John McCain's scanned document has just one layer.

by DFX 29. April 2011 17:46
John McCain's scanned document has just one layer.From Blogsphere  McCain's BC is one layer - a document ... single layer document scanned. All documents that were never created/altered from/by a computer are a single layer. Can anyone, who found multiple layers of Obama's BC .. try it again, but this time using the pd... [More]


BC Top Layer shows what was added last (i.e. missed 'Stanley', so that was added later)

by DFX 28. April 2011 19:19
BC Top Layer shows what was added last (i.e. missed 'Stanley', so that was added later)From Blogsphere: The BC is in image layers, but further analysis shows 9 layers (See this video: When you show the difference between only the top and bottom layers, you're left with the text that was added later (because it was forgotton ... [More]


Jesse Ventura: Letter to the Ruling Class

by DFX 13. April 2011 18:01
Jesse Ventura: Letter to the Ruling ClassFrom Blogsphere: Well written, and with no kid gloves ... Jesse, America needs a shining star, and we're not sure Trump is that guy .. it looks good at face value, but so many things are scripted/fixed. You sir, speak for millions of Americans who are tired of the double-standards and the ... [More]

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IRS not ready to process many returns until mid-February

by MiaX 7. February 2011 07:11
  In the final days of 2010, the IRS announced that, because of last-minute maneuvering on Capitol Hill, the agency won't be ready to process more than 50 million returns until mid- to late-February. Since most returns demand refunds from the IRS, the delay means millions of ta... [More]



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