Message from Ron Paul

by Administrator 15. May 2012 18:04
    Memorandum   To:               Supporters, Interested Parties From:          Jesse Benton, Chief Strategist Date:     &... [More]

Tuesday May 14 - Daily Active Thread

by Administrator 15. May 2012 17:46
Project run by Obama family, friends receives $5.9M HHS grant Read more:   Book says U. of Chicago Medical Center VP bribed Jeremiah Wright Read more: [More]


DOJ Refuses To ID Drug-Ring Operators As Illegal Immigrants

by Administrator 15. May 2012 17:45
The Obama Justice Department and the mainstream media have conveniently failed to identify as illegal immigrants more than two dozen people arrested in a major drug-trafficking ring near the capital, but a conservative newspaper stepped up to the plate and revealed this important fact. The sophist... [More]

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Department of Homeland Security Prepares to Grab DNA From Kids

by Administrator 15. May 2012 17:23
  Kurt NimmoMay 15, 2012 A Freedom of Information Act request filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation has revealed a plan by the Department of Homeland Security to collect DNA from children 14 years old and up without a search warrant or criminal prosecution. EFF reported on Monday that ... [More]


The White Hats Report - Bombshell with all the documentation!

by Administrator 15. May 2012 16:10


Ron paul campaign manager Jesse Benton clearly stated that the hopes of Paul winning the Republican presidential nomination are officially over.

by Administrator 15. May 2012 11:35
You had to know it was going to happen. Paul didn't really have a chance -- with a media black-out, fraudulent polling and voting ... he's just too honest i guess -- why did he have dinner with the Fed's chairmen Bernanke recently? He said it was 'off the record' ... well, can't you tell us anything that was discussed and why? It doesn't make sense. [More]

Google Goes to Washington to Lobby for Self-Driving Cars

by Administrator 15. May 2012 11:25
Think of all the lawsuits self-driving cars would bring! Your car hit my house! Sorry sir, but the programming went hay-wire. I am not liable - Google is LOL .. but maybe i didn't read the small print before purchasing this wonder machine.


VIDEO: Armed Drone Spotted Near Chicago ahead of NATO Summit

by Administrator 15. May 2012 06:40
Gives you that warm fuzzy feeling, doesn't it? [More]

Time magazine cover shows mom breastfeeding 3-year-old son for Mother's Day issue

by Administrator 14. May 2012 20:30
Whoa! [More]

Henry Kissinger subjected to TSA pat-down at New York airport

by Administrator 14. May 2012 20:22
Global governance king-pin Kissinger getting groped by TSA?

Quote: --look everything is allright! i get the same treatment like you and i liked it-- [More]



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